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I feel like the Dollars could be at peace if there more people like you and Celty around. If only all the people doing bad stuff in our name were gone, and it was an actual beneficial group of people helping one another.

Mikado Ryuugamine to Kyouhei Kadota

Reality @ Idealism is the second chapter of the eighth Durarara!! light novel.


With Shinichi Tsukumoya's help, Mikado Ryuugamine has been identifying Dollars members using the group's name to commit crimes and ordering the Blue Squares to remove them from the gang. The rumors that Ruri Hijiribe's stalker is within the group is upsetting to both Mikado and Saburo Togusa, one of her most devoted fans, who patrols the Ruri fan community on the Dollars website. In Celty Sturluson and Shinra Kishitani's apartment, Ruri and Kasuka are seeking information on the colorless color gang, while both Celty and Saika within Anri Sonohara recognize that Ruri might not be fully human, and Shizuo reveals to them for the first time that he has quit the Dollars.

The stalker, Kisuke Adabashi, meanwhile, receives a call from Jinnai Yodogiri, who asks him to report on and gauge the strength of the Headless Rider. In Shinjuku, Masaomi Kida decides to return to Ikebukuro to settle an old score with the Blue Squares, hoping to stop them from taking over the Dollars as they did the Yellow Scarves. Around Ikebukuro, various people notice the return of the Dragon Zombie biker gang, and Simon Brezhnev catches the first hint that Izaya Orihara may be back in town.

Chat Room[]

Mai and Kuru tease Sharo before the conversation returns to the subject of Ruri Hijiribe's stalker and his connection to the Dollars. Sharo shares the rumor that a thug in prison, Horada, knows who the leaders of the Dollars is plans to use the information to blackmail the leader when he is released.

Cultural References[]


Adabashi: "I savor the abrupt ending of Ruri's voice. By my hand."

Masaomi: "I want to settle my own score with those Blue Squares. Sure, maybe I'll just forget all about them as an adult... but at this moment in time, I can't imagine myself getting over it."

Kuru: "There are numerous kinds of stalker. Some truly believe that they are doing it for the sake of their target. Others just want unthinking control. Some know it is for their own sake but do it in the belief that love is holy. And lastly, there are those who seek the destruction or displeasure of their target in order to fulfill their twisted desires."