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Oh. I get it.
This is happiness.

Celty Sturluson

Ordinary D: Lovey-Dovey Chaka-Poko is the fifth and final chapter of the seventh Durarara!! light novel.


Celty Sturluson and Shinra Kishitani are on a one-day vacation away from Tokyo. As they ride in Shooter's pitch-black carriage, Celty changes the shape of the shadow covering her body into various outfits as Shinra repeatedly expresses his love. Enjoying his presence beside her, Celty reflects on how her present life is more important that any past life she might have had, the memories of which are locked in her missing head.

Shinra and Celty's holiday is interrupted by a number of callers, including Namie Yagiri, seeking Shinra for emergency plastic surgery on Mika Harima; Shizuo Heiwajima, wanting to thank Shinra for his help the day before; Seiji Yagiri, seeking Mika's whereabouts; and finally Izaya Orihara, who is bored in the hospital the day after being stabbed. While their day is eventually further interrupted by several bizarre, extraordinary events, involving yokai, an attempted murder, bears, and a werewolf, during the brief moments they are finally allowed peace and quiet, they simply enjoy each other's company and conversation in the Japanese countryside.


Shinra: "To me, you are unlimited possibilities. If I'd been born in a different time or place, I know we would have met all the same, just under different circumstances. And I want to experience all those possibilities!"