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Over time, I shall learn more and more. And once I know everything, I will destroy him. That is my reason for living.


Ordinary C: Collection Rhapsody is the fourth chapter of the seventh Durarara!! light novel.


Numerous rumors about Shizuo Heiwajima fly around Ikebukuro that make his desperate past enemies believe they have a chance to get even with him.

After Vorona is defeated by Mizuki Akabayashi and her partner Slon is taken from her, she is angry, frustrated, and confused. In the days that follow, she wonders if her own uselessness invalidates her lifelong search for the meaning of strength. Simon Brezhnev and Denis bring her back to Russia Sushi and put her to work, and in the course of her first day, Akabayashi comes to check on her, and she meets Seiji Yagiri, Mika Harima, Tom Tanaka, and sees Shizuo again, though he does not recognize her.

Tom tries unsuccessfully to flirt with her, and wanting to give Vorona something better to do, Denis asks him to take her with him to work. While they are collecting debt money, Vorona knocks the argumentative men out and takes their wallets, and Shizuo is amazed by her strength and skill.

True to his word, Akabayashi brings Akane Awakusu to self-defense training at Rakuei Gym, and she makes fast friends with Mairu Orihara, who does not treat her with the usual fake politeness her classmates use. After their training, they and Kururi Orihara run into Tom and his group, who are taking a work break. Tom and Shizuo finish up the work day with their last client while the girls are left alone, unwittingly becoming targets of men who have been following Shizuo. As the thugs attempt to abduct the four girls, they are met with three martial artists and Akane's taser.

The thugs have been driven off by the girls by the time Tom and Shizuo return. During the fight, Vorona decides that her strength can only be determined by defeating Shizuo, and she and Akane argue over him. While Tom mistakes this as two girls affectionate toward him, both girls seek to someday destroy him. As the thugs hurry to flee, the Awakusu-kai bodyguards charged with discreetly watching Akane round them up, putting an end to the minor street gang, and the rumors spreading across the city guess at a link between Shizuo and the Awakusu.


Vorona: "I want to destroy everything. Including myself."

Vorona: "I suppose.... it's all over. I abandoned plenty of companions on the way here... and I had to be saved by my father and President Lingerin, the men I betrayed and severed all connections to... How do they see me now? With disgust? Or pity? Perhaps I have no reason to live anymore....'"

Vorona: "Aha... We're supposed to be hostages against Shizuo... They wanted to take down Shizuo Heiwajima. ...Don't make me laugh. You think you... are capable of toppling him? Recall. Recall. Those who you destroyed in the past. These men here are nothing but soft putty, a far cry from even those old victims. It's not enough. These men are not enough. Humanity is... not this frail. Shizuo Heiwajima... is not this frail!"

Vorona: "Strong... I want to be strong. Strong like that man, harder than diamond and vaster than the tundra forests! If I can destroy Shizuo Heiwajima, then perhaps... I can gain fulfillment that I shall never find elsewhere."



  • When Tom tries telling Vorona "You're adorable" in Russian, he says "Вы очаровательны." This is the masculine form, however, and he should have told her "Вы очаровательная."