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The point of Izaya Orihara's life was to love humanity - in a way that only he could manage or understand.

Durarara!!x7, Extraordinary α

Extraordinary α: Hospitalization Polka is the first chapter of the seventh Durarara!! light novel.


The day after he was stabbed, Izaya Orihara wakes up in a hospital in the Tohoku region of Japan. He claims ignorance about the identity of his attacker and makes plans to sneak out of the hospital as soon as possible. Upon learning that the incident, along with his name, had been broadcast nationally that morning, he excitedly expects enemies to arrive before long. Late into the night, he hears new footsteps from the hallway, and an unknown young woman slips into his room.


  • While the city he is visiting is not specified, Izaya is in Japan's Tohoku (東北, lit. east-north) region, the northeast region of the main island of Honshu.
  • The chapter title uses the Greek letter alpha (α).


"Izaya created nothing. ...When useful information washed into his web, he found a way to profit from it. He could manipulate the mood of the city itself. He didn't create anything. He just found a way to make money."