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We're involved in this Black Rider and Dollars stuff now. We just gotta be prepared for all that trouble to come find us.

Kyouhei Kadota

Epilogue & Next Prologue: Ordinary Fugue is the closing of the seventh Durarara!! light novel.


The lives of the van gang return to normal after the events of the previous few days, while Kyouhei Kadota warns his friends of the trouble that might be heading their way.

In a hospital in the Tohoku region of Japan, the woman holding a knife in her hand at Izaya's bedside forces him to remember her from their first meeting a year prior. Ecstatic by the changes in her motivation and personality, he is reminded of his infatuation with humanity, embracing her and fleeing the hospital with her in the night.

As Celty Sturluson and Shinra Kishitani return home from their one-day getaway, raving to each other about the strange encounters from their vacation, they find Aoba Kuronuma waiting for them. He smiles and asks to be friends, but his bloodied hand and bright smile tell Celty that their quiet lives might not be returning to them, and she is filled with anxiety.


Izaya: "That's right. Perhaps, after obtaining that head.... I was underestimating humanity. I assumed that there was something greater than humanity. But how about this? Look, me! Take notes, me! Humanity is brilliant!"

Izaya: "No matter how much you hate me... I love, love, love you - to an almost irrational extent."