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Everything Resolves and Explodes is the fifth chapter of the Toramaru Arc and the second chapter of the sixth Durarara!! light novel.


Masaomi Kida confronts Izaya Orihara over impersonating him in the chat room, but Izaya tells him only to talk to his friend Mikado Ryuugamine, which is a conversation Masaomi is not prepared to have. Mikado and Anri Sonohara have agreed to clear up the unasked and unanswered questions between them when Masaomi returns.

On behalf of the Dollars, Kyouhei Kadota accepts Chikage Rokujou's invitation to fight. They taxi to Raira Field Two, where a high school student spots them and alerts the rest of the Dollars. Aoba Kuronuma and the Blue Squares win their fight against a group of Toramaru members and, seeing the message, send one of their members to the field to watch the fight. Aoba finds a thin black thread attached to a motorcycle stored in the factory and decides to follow it.

The moment they arrive outside of Celty Sturluson's apartment, Mikado sees a new post on the Dollars forum from Nakura with a photo of Chikage's girlfriend, Non, and her group of friends. He rushes back into the city, confronting a group of Dollars members who are in the middle of abducting the girls. Three of the members, including Takashi, who remembers their meeting from a year prior, stay behind to beat him up for speaking up against them. Anri follows Mikado and finds him unconscious in an alley soon after, easily knocking out the three men beating him. When he can stand, the two rush toward Raira Field Two in pursuit of the kidnapped girls, including their classmate Rio Kamichika, with Vorona close behind.

Celty brings Akane Awakusu inside, where Shiki Haruya is relieved to see her again. As he brings her outside and she reunites with her father, Slon distracts the yakuza members with a flash bomb and abducts her. Celty is alerted by the noise of the bomb and follows them in the same moments that Aoba concludes his pursuit of the black thread, discovering where the Black Rider lives.

At Raira Field Two, Kyouhei wins the fight against Chikage, and Kyouhei agrees to help the Toramaru find the Dollars members who had started the conflict and force them to make things right. However, as the two laugh and compliment each other on their fight, a group of Dollars members arrive and confront them both, revealing their hostages. Chikage and Kyouhei immediately prepare for a fight as Walker Yumasaki enters the tense scene, fighting the thugs with fire to separate them from the hostage girls, and a group of Toramaru riders join the fight to back up their boss.

Behind a nearby shed, Mikado and Anri have been watching the situation escalate when Vorona attacks Anri and uses a flash grenade to blind her as she runs into the fray for cover. While Anri herself is incapacitation, Saika is not, and the demon blade guides Anri toward Vorona, leading her into the fight until they are stopped by Chikage.

Shizuo Heiwajima finds a badly beaten Mikado near the shed and greets him as his junior. He informs Mikado that he is quitting the Dollars, distancing himself from a group that would take young women as hostages, and he stops the fight by walking into it with Vorona's motorcycle over his shoulder. One of the thugs attacks him and is quickly thrown out of the field, and the rest scatter. Vorona, excited by impossibility of Shizuo's strength, attacks him and flees. After realizing she has attempted to stab him, Shizuo runs after her. Spotting Akane bound in the back of her truck, he prioritizes saving her instead.

Left alone in the field, the van gang and Anri go for dinner together, while Mikado runs after Chikage, taking responsibility for the Dollars' actions as their leader. When Chikage advises him to lead a normal life instead, Mikado feels his life and desire for the extraordinary negated. Unbeknownst to him, Masaomi has seen it all and chooses not to intervene and comfort his friend, hoping that Mikado returns to his daily life at school with Anri.