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Durarara!!x5 is the fifth light novel in the series. It contains the first half of the series' fifth story arc—the Toramaru Arc—and was adapted into volumes 11-12 of the manga and part of Durarara!!x2 Shou, the first cour of the second season of the anime.

Volume 5 takes place during Golden Week in the first week of May, one month after the events of the fourth light novel.


Ikebukuro is on spring break, but mayhem is breaking out as a womanizer appears in the city, set on getting revenge against the Dollars. Two foreigners have appeared with a hitlist of all the wrong names, and the old color gang, the Blue Squares, may never have disappeared completely. Izaya is plotting, a runaway girl is looking for Shizuo, and an underground doctor is hopelessly in love with a headless motorcycle rider who can't refuse even the most distasteful job offers. For Ikebukuro, however, this spring break may not be anything special.


No. Title
Introduction The Black Market Doctor Gets Sappy, Part One
1 The Fighting Puppet Subtly Frets
Interlude, or Prologue A Chikage Rokujou
Interlude The Black Market Doctor Gets Sappy, Part Two
2 The Adults Squirm
Interlude, or Prologue B Vorona (Crow) and Slon (Elephant)
Interlude The Black Market Doctor Gets Sappy, Part Three
3 The Days of Youth Shine and Crumble
Interlude, or Prologue C Aoba Kuronuma
Intermediate Chapter



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