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As usual, the accursed voices spoke inside of Anri, echoing through her heart without end. But she did not consider that to be a big problem. She just observed both the world she saw through her eyes, and even her own mental state, from outside the picture frame.

I Love You is the fifth chapter of the third Durarara!! light novel.


After noticing a change in Masaomi Kida, Anri Sonohara used the members of the Saika Army within to gather information about the color gangs. After learning that Masaomi is the leader of the Yellow Scarves, she is caught spying on a meeting. Worried about what might happen to her friend group if she is discovered, she hides from Masaomi.

The Yellow Scarves lookouts circle around the pile of scrap metal she is hiding in. Masaomi begins to enter, when the boys around him spot the Black Rider. She climbs the mountain of trash and rescues Anri, covering her face. Masaomi approaches them, and to frighten him away from Anri, Celty uses her shadows to create a headless horse that charges the boys. They throw lumber, stones, and metal pipes at Celty, and Anri reacts without thinking, drawing forth Saika to protect the Black Rider. With the Yellow Scarves having made the connection between the slasher and the Black Rider, a member of the Dollars, Masaomi worries about controlling his followers.

On their ride home, Celty and Anri encounter Shingen Kishitani, who recognizes Anri as the daughter of the antiques dealer he had sold Saika to several years prior. Celty incapacitates him and brings them both home with her.

In the chat room, Kanra tells TarouTanaka about the history of the Yellow Scarves and Blue Squares, a former color gang that had kidnapped the girlfriend of the Yellow Scarves' leader and run into trouble with yakuza before disappearing. Some members have recently reappeared, changing their color to yellow and joining the Yellow Scarves in secret. TarouTanaka decides to warn the Dollars not to mess with the Yellow Scarves, while Kanra warns him that because of the Dollars' open-member system, people can be on both sides.

Cultural References[]

  • Celty considers taking Anri to Uniqlo, a Japanese clothing manufacturer, to buy a change of clothes.