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Why...why was Kida...in a place like that...?

Anri Sonohara

Why...? is the third chapter of the third Durarara!! light novel.


Mikado Ryuugamine, Masaomi Kida, and Anri Sonohara are hanging out together during their last week of their first year of high school. Masaomi suddenly receives a call and has to run off, and Anri departs just after him with an errand of her own.

On Sunshine 60 Street, Shizuo Heiwajima and Tom Tanaka are greeted by Simon Brezhnev. Simon angers Shizuo with the mention of Izaya Orihara's name and the two retreat into an alley as Simon blocks and dodges Shizuo's fists. Looking at the student-filled crowd, Tom notes the lack of yellow and guesses the Yellow Scarves are having a meeting.

At their headquarters, the Yellow Scarves are gathered to discuss Horada getting beaten by the Black Rider the previous night. Their boss, Masaomi, warns them against inviting older members into the gang. He thinks back to the days when he and his middle school friends founded the gang and he met Saki Mikajima, who introduced him to Izaya.

When lookouts notify Masaomi that a girl was spotted spying on the gang meeting, he runs around the opposite side of the building intending to corner her. Anri, shocked by the sight of her friend leading the Yellow Scarves, hides amidst a pile of scraps in the factory yard.

Cultural References[]


Masaomi: "Why is the anxiety rushing back stronger than it ever did before?"