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Yes, a monster, that was indeed a monster! There were nearly a dozen motorcycles and patrol cars chasing me around like a beast with one mind... I swung my scythe around with abandon, but rather than scattering them... They evaded with perfect precision and maintained the pressure! Each and every bike was like a missile coming after me!

Celty Sturluson

That was Indeed a Monster is the second chapter of the third Durarara!!light novel.


Celty Sturluson notices that she is being followed by the police and decides to force them into giving up on her. Even after creating a scythe and wings with her shadows, however, there is one aggressive cop she cannot shake.

She runs into Shinra's arms the moment she returns home, shaking and telling him about the terrifying motorcycle cops who chased her around the city. Shinra recalls an officer called Kinnosuke Kuzuhara who was brought to Ikebukuro from another jurisdiction and encourages Celty to see him as a rival.

Shinra asks Celty to pick up his father, who has just returned to Tokyo. When she spots him outside of Ikebukuro Station, he is surrounded by a small group of young thugs in yellow bandannas. Horada and his friends recognize and confront Celty, but she frightens them off with her shadows. On her way home, she contemplates the growing number of young people in yellow in the city.

In the chat room, the members discuss the revival of the Yellow Scarves. Saika is unfamiliar with color gangs, but when Kanra explains that both the Yellow Scarves and the Dollars are groups affected by and searching for the slasher, Saika excuses herself for the night.

Character Debuts[]

Cultural References[]

  • Celty compares Kinnosuke to the fictional serial killer Freddy Krueger from the 1984 film A Nightmare on Elm Street.


Kinnosuke Kuzuhara: "There's one thing I've always wanted to say to any true monster or evil psychic or cyborg or ninja. Just one thing. Just one thing I want to say. And that is... Don't fuck with the traffic cops, monster."

Shingen Kishitani: "When you attempt to kill a man, you have to be fully aware of the possibility that he might kill you first!"