Durarara!!x3 is the third light novel in the series. It contains the third story arc of the series, the Yellow Scarves Arc, and was adapted into volumes 8-10 of the Durarara!! manga and episodes 18-24 of the anime, closing the first season.


Ikebukuro still reels from the recent slashing attacks. A group of punks wearing yellow scarves prepare to start a gang war while a man within plans a takeover. A trio of high schoolers are said to be the tightest-knit group in school. A gang leader is trying to escape the past. The urban legend, the Black Rider, is said to be a member of the colorless gang, the Dollars. A smaller group within the Dollars ready themselves for a fight. An intel broker is looking to start a war. A couple of underground doctors are more knowledgeable and influential than they appear. These characters and others cross paths over a few days in the city.


No. Title
Prologue Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
1 You Know Perfectly Well
2 That was Indeed a Monster
3 Why...?
4 Is There a Problem?
5 I Love You
6 Ne Rasstraivaysya
7 Reality's a Bitch, Huh?
8 Broken Windows Theory
9 Never Gonna Realize How They're Feeling...
10 That's Why I'm Here
Epilogue He'll Come Back