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No matter how many people are involved, we're going to annihilate this goddamn slasher. And if the Dollars are behind this - well, I'm one of them... But I'm prepared to bring them down from the inside.

Masaomi Kida

The Blue Sky is Already... Dead? is the epilogue to the second and prologue to the third Durarara!! light novel.


The next day, the slasher incidents have been explained away as a color gang squabble, and the Dollars are listed among possible culprits, worrying Kyouhei Kadota about future street gang conflict. Takashi Nasujima has plans to extort Anri Sonohara, but a visit by Shizuo Heiwajima, looking to collect debt, leaves him in a coma until April.

Mikado Ryuugamine and Masaomi Kida visit Anri in the hospital in the days after the Night of the Ripper. Secretly, Anri is aware of Izaya Orihara's role in recent events, and she vows not to let him intrude on her daily peace with her friends. Izaya, meanwhile, is happily reviewing the events of the past few days, his excitement building as he considers the growing tension between the Yellow Scarves, who are the majority of the slasher's victims; the Dollars, who are taking public blame for the slashings; and the Saika Army, who are the real culprits behind the attacks and have members in both of the color gangs.

In an abandoned factory elsewhere in Ikebukuro, the leader of the Yellow Scarves refuses to take part in his gang's quest for revenge, instead promising to bring down the slasher for the sake of his friend Anri.

Cultural References[]

Walker and Erika discuss Dengeki Bunko light novel series, including Lunatic Moon and Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan.


Anri: "Breaking the peace or having your peace broken, yearning for boredom or change deep within your heart - I think that is humanity's true nature."

Celty: "When I listen to Anri and Mikado, it sounds like each of the trio is living off the others, finding things they lack themselves."