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In the end, I value my own peace of mind most of all. That's why I'm going to use Miss Niekawa as a stepping-stone. I'm an awful human being. But maybe I actually enjoy this way of life.

Anri Sonohara

Right to the Points is the fifth chapter of the second Durarara!! light novel.


Anri Sonohara dreams of a happy youth with her loving parents but wakes up to a reality where her parents are dead and her emotions fade. She wanders the streets of Ikebukuro absently in search of Haruna Niekawa, after another uncomfortable encounter with Takashi Nasujima at school leaves her wondering how to rid herself of the teacher, oblivious to the red eyes following her.

Celty Sturluson picks up Shizuo Heiwajima and informs him of the demon blade Saika. At the same time, the van gang intermittently search for the slasher who had attacked a member of the Dollars the previous month. As they pass Anri on her late-night walk home, they notice a man with red eyes and a blade walking behind her.

Saburo Togusa slams the van into the slasher. The sounds of the car horn and subsequent crash are caught picked up by Celty from blocks away. When the slasher stands up, unhurt, and begins swinging at Kyouhei, Celty runs him over with her motorcycle. At mention of his name, the slasher directs his attention toward Shizuo, who tears the door off of the van and crushes the man. Admitting defeat to Shizuo, the badly beaten slasher lunges for Anri again, but Celty steps in and incapacitates him, confiscating Saika. Shizuo departs for Shinjuku to fight Izaya Orihara, the van gang leaves with the slasher, and Anri invites Celty to her home. Later, as she contemplates everything she has learned from Celty, Haruna Niekawa pays Anri a visit, pulling out a knife of her own. In Celty's apartment, Shinra tells her all he knows about Saika's desire to love humanity and realizes that the knife taken from the man earlier is not the real demon blade. In the chat room, Saika spams messages directed at Shizuo, as on the street, 54 people are attacked at random.

Cultural References[]

  • Walker mentions the series Lunatic Moon and Yotsuba&! (Yotsubato!).
  • Celty uses curses on the slasher that she had picked up from a film by Quentin Tarantino.

Character Debuts[]


She was fine with being shunned. She felt that no matter what happened to her, Mikado and Masaomi would take her side and believe her. That showed how much she trusted them.

Shizuo: "Is this demon blade weirder than a motorcycle steered by a Headless Rider driving sideways along the wall of the Tokyu Hands building?"

Shizuo: "I live a messed-up life. I ain't nice enough to fight a man...with my bare hands!"

Haruna: "I might not love you. But Saika, on the other hand, has all the love in the world for you..."