Durarara!!x2 is the second light novel in the series. It contains the second story arc, the Saika Arc, and was adapted into volumes 5-7 of the Durarara!! manga and episodes 13-17 of the first season of the anime.


A high school girl deals with bullies, a predatory teacher, and her own difficult memories. A third-rate tabloid writer follows a new story. A young man trying to live an unassuming life is said to be the strongest guy around. A high school teacher hides a history of harassing his female students. Victims of the mysterious slasher are increasing, but there are no fatalities. Teenage thugs in yellow bandannas are seen in growing numbers around the city. A courier rides around the city on a motorcycle that makes no noise. Their stories and others intertwine in the busy neighborhood of Ikebukuro.


No. Title
Prologue Red Breath, Long Breath
1 Demon Blade, Dog Meat
2 Uncertain Girl
3 Ikebukuro's Most Dangerous
4 The Ikebukuro Calamity
5 Right to the Points
6 Sword and Stress
Next Prologue The Blue Sky is Already... Dead?
Drrr LN vol 2 back JP

Back cover of the Japanese light novel