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Right now anyone not looking at messages on their phones is an enemy. Do not attack, just stare silently.

Mikado Ryuugamine

Dollars, Opening is the tenth chapter of the first Durarara!! light novel.


Seiji Yagiri returns to Yagiri Pharmaceuticals with his sister Namie. With Mikado Ryuugamine's identity and address, her subordinates plan to retrieve him by force.

Mikado is unsure of what to do with the girl who appears to have amnesia, and at school he worries over the absence of another classmate. As he and Anri leave Raira Academy, one of Anri's bullies is waiting with her boyfriend, Takeshi. Before Mikado can give them information on Izaya Orihara, the Black Rider and Izaya himself arrive and follow him home.

On the walk, Mikado stops to question the Black Rider and decides to allow her inside. The girl is gone, however, and two men are there to find her. Celty and Izaya enter in time to save him, and he connects the employees to the recent string of events in the city and calls Namie.

That night, Mikado and Namie meet face-to-face to negotiate. When Namie orders her employees to grab Mikado, every phone around them goes off, and she and her men find themselves staring down the Dollars. Celty joins them on the ground and confronts her enemies.

Character Debuts[]



Seiji: "No matter who else loves me, it won't change my own choice. I live for my own love and nothing else. And if I have to stomp all over the love others give me in order to do that, so be it. I'm sure she'd be happy knowing she served as a stepping-stone for the sake of her beloved."

Celty: "Yeah, I have no head. I'm a monster. I don't have a mouth to speak my case or eyes to convey my passion to others. But so what? So damn what? I'm right here. I am here and I exist. If I don't have eyes, you will simply have to observe all of my actions instead. Let your ears take in the screams of those who have felt firsthand my monstrous wrath."