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I have no self-confidence. Even if I was in love with you or some other human being, would our romantic values actually be the same? Yes, I probably do love you. I just don't know if it's what a human would call romantic love.

Celty Sturluson

Double Heroine, Wounded Girl is the ninth chapter of the first Durarara!! light novel.


When Namie Yagiri discovers a human research subject has escaped, she tasks all of her subordinates with finding her. Seiji Yagiri, heading to Yagiri Pharmaceuticals and reflecting on love, spots his beloved clinging to the back of a van.

Celty Sturluson continues her patrols of Ikebukuro, searching for a trace of her head, when she sees her head on the body of a girl wandering the streets. The girl runs away and she gives chase, while Shizuo Heiwajima stays behind to handle the attacks of Seiji Yagiri.

When Celty returns home, her head having escaped, she confides her worries in Shinra Kishitani. He questions her goals in turn, and Celty begins to recognize her feelings for him.

Cultural References[]

  • Celty mentions Razzie Awards (short for Golden Raspberry), awards given annually to the worst films and acting performances of that year.
  • Shinra mentions the famous Japanese author Osamu Dazai.


  • Seiji: "Yes, this is love. A love that cannot be stopped."
  • Shizuo: "Ha-ha! Always wanted to say that one. "I'll handle this. You go on ahead!""
  • Shinra: "If you marry me, you can simply consider the last twenty years the cornerstone of our marital bliss."
  • Celty: "In the end, I'm not a human being. I'm a monster in the shape of a human. The problem is that with my memories trapped in my head, I don't actually know what I am or why I was born and why I exist."
  • Celty: "Even after what Shinra said, I still want to have human values. If the persona that I own now is 'human,' I don't want to lose that."