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You're becoming more and more human every day! Just be careful, though: I'd hate for you to realize that all this attention you've put towards becoming more human has created a much bigger gap between your head and your neck.

Izaya Orihara to Celty Sturluson

"Public Unrest" is the fourteenth episode of the Durarara!! anime and the fifteenth episode overall.


S1 E14 Shingen lets slip

Shingen lets slip that he stole Celty's head

As crime scene investigators analyze the bloodied crime scene of the most recent slashing incident, involving Anri Sonohara and her bullies, Celty Sturluson looks down from above thinking bitterly about the slasher running wild in her city. The next day, she, Shinra, and Shingen discuss the Yellow Scarves who had given them trouble the night before. In conversation, Shingen slips and reveals he was the one who had originally stolen Celty's head in Ireland twenty years prior. After trying to evade Celty's questioning, he relents and proudly proclaims that he had stolen Celty's head and sold it to Yagiri Pharmaceuticals. He makes an attempt to escape, and Celty pursues him. Shingen pays Izaya Orihara a visit, as he is interested in researching Celty's head and has figured out Izaya's plan to involve the head in a war to awaken it. He leaves Izaya with advice to center the war around Celty rather than involving her in someone else's war, a plan Izaya is already progressing toward.

While searching for Shingen in East Ikebukuro Park, Celty spots and approaches Mikado. He is worried about internet rumors that claim the Dollars are behind the slasher attacks and expresses worry about rising tensions between the Dollars and the Yellow Scarves. Celty notes the number of young people around them wearing yellow bandannas. She promises Mikado that she will look into the slasher and warns him to be careful.

S1 E14 Celty and Izaya

Izaya tells Celty about the demon blade Saika

Later that evening, Celty talks with Shizuo Heiwajima and tells him about her earlier encounter, in which the slasher stabbed her and cut her helmet off. Shizuo responds angrily, promising to kill the slasher, and Celty has to persuade him to stay on his job while she visits Izaya Orihara looking for information on the slasher. In their apartment later, Celty tells Shinra what she has learned about a demonic blade called Saika and notes that the chat room troll named Saika posts on the same days slashing incidents occur. Shinra seems to know about the blade already, and Celty has the feeling that he is hiding something.

S1 E14 Takashi and Anri

Takashi offers to keep Anri company

At Raira Academy, Takashi Nasujima expresses concern for Anri. Masaomi accuses Takashi of sexual harassment and suggests that if he continues to get too close to Anri, she will have to transfer, just like a girl named Haruna Niekawa. At that name, Takashi freezes and becomes nervous, and Masaomi leads Anri away. Masaomi promises to stop hitting on her and tells her how much Mikado likes her. Mikado shows up, and as the three walk out of school together, a man with bright red eyes stands outside the school entrance watching them. After the three split up on Sunshine 60 Street and head in different directions, Masaomi visits a girl in a hospital room who appears to have been waiting for him.

S1 E14 Celty and Shinra

Shinra admits his knowledge of Saika

Shinra approaches Celty that evening and confesses his knowledge of Saika. His father had owned Saika several years before, and as Saika has the power to cut souls, Shingen had used it to sever the connection between Celty's body and her head. The sword was sold to an antiques dealer not long after, and Shinra had been left to put the clues together through his own research. Celty leaves to take a night ride and clear her mind. At the same time, Anri is walking home in the dark with flashbacks of the slasher playing through her mind. She finds herself at the scene where her bullies were attacked, and behind her, a figure with glowing red eyes approaches and raises a knife.

Chat Room[]

When Kanra shares the news that first-year students from Raira Academy have been attacked by the slasher, Setton asks for the location and quickly leaves. Upon learning that a friend of his witnessed the attack, TarouTanaka leaves the chat room too. Just after Kanra follows suit, Saika enters the chat room and posts a string of disconnected words, including 'today,' 'cut,' 'love,' 'wish,' and 'stronger,' before repeating the word 'Mother.'

Character Appearances[]

In order of appearance, excluding the opening song:

Cultural References[]

  • When Celty first hears about Saika, she asks if it is anything like Muramasa, referring to the sword in the 2009 Japanese video game Muramasa: The Demon Blade (朧村正, Oboro Muramasa).
  • As the Raira Trio waves goodbye to each other, behind Anri is a drugstore sign reading マツトモ キヨシ (Matsutomo Kiyoshi) in the same katakana font as the common drugstore chain Matsumoto Kiyoshi (マツモト キヨシ).


Shinra (after walking in on his father in the shower): "I have seen the face of hell."


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