"Public Unrest" is the fourteenth episode of the Durarara!! anime and the fifteenth episode overall.


The episode opens with Celty Sturluson riding down the road thinking bitterly about the Slasher. As crime scene investigators analyze a bloodied crime scene, she looks down from the roof of a tall building.

Outside a police station, Anri Sonohara is met by Mikado and Masaomi.

Shinra enters his apartment and, hearing the shower running, opens the shower door to greet Celty. Shingen, standing in the shower, seems just as surprised as Shinra, who, traumatized, collapses on the sofa. After his shower, Shingen questions Celty about the "yellow-kerchiefed hooligans" who had given him trouble when Celty came to pick him up. Shinra answers, saying that they are the Yellow Scarves, who had disappeared some time ago after a huge fight with the Blue Squares led to both gangs going underground. Shinra reminds his father to pay Celty for transporting him. When Shingen suggests forgetting the debt, Celty wraps a thorny vine of shadows around his neck. Shinra begs his son to save him, and Shinra picks his wallet from his pocket and hands it to Celty. Shingen then questions Shinra's and Celty's relationship, causing Celty some embarrassment, but she affirms her love for Shinra to Shingen, making Shinra ecstatic.

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Shingen reminds Celty that without her head, she lacks memories of her life in Ireland. When Shinra tells Celty that they're going to make new memories together, she blows a heart from the shadow that comes out of her neck. Shingen can only shake his head at his son. In conversation, Shingen slips and spills his secret: he was the one who had originally stolen Celty's head. After trying to evade Celty's questioning, he proclaims that he had stolen Celty's head and sold it to Yagiri Pharmaceuticals. Shingen makes an attempt to escape, and Celty jumps on her bike and rides after him. When she in gone, Shingen emerges from hiding, relieved, and bids farewell to Shinra.

While searching for Shingen in a park, Celty spots and approaches Mikado. He is worried about internet rumors that claim the Dollars are behind the Slasher attacks. He also expresses worry about rising tensions between the Dollars and the Yellow Scarves, and Celty notes the number of young people around them wearing yellow bandannas. She promises Mikado that she'll look into the Slasher and warns him to be careful.

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Celty is seen talking to Shizuo, who doesn't know anything about the Slasher. When he questions her interest in the Slasher, she tells him about her earlier encounter, in which the Slasher stabbed her and cut her helmet off. Shizuo responds angrily, promising to kill the slasher and repeating the word 'kill.' Celty has to persuade him to stay on his job while she goes to collect information.

Celty visits Izaya and pays him for information on the Slasher. He turns the conversation to her and Shinra's relationship, and she tells him that she loves Shinra. When Izaya warns her that her feelings are causing her to become more human and putting a greater distance between her and her head, she confesses that she doesn't really think she needs her head anymore. When Celty asks for the information she paid him for, he tells her about a demonic blade called Saika.

In their apartment, Celty tells Shinra what she's learned about Saika and points out that the chat room troll named Saika posts on the same days Slasher incidents occur. Shinra seems to know about the blade already, and Celty has the feeling that he's hiding something.

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Izaya arrives in his apartment to find Namie and Shingen waiting for him. Shingen is interested in researching Celty's head, and he has figured out Izaya's plan to involve Celty's head in a war to awaken it. Izaya agrees to work with him, as their goals align. Shingen leaves Izaya with advice to center the war around Celty rather than involving Celty in someone else's war.

At Raira Academy, Anri is approached by Nasujima, who expresses concern over her because of her bullies being attacked by the Slasher and says she 'shouldn't be alone.' Masaomi arrives, accusing Nasujima of sexual harassment and suggesting that if Nasujima continues to get too close to Anri, she'll transfer like a girl named Haruna Niekawa. At that name, Nasujima freezes and begins to sweat, a troubled expression on his face, and Masaomi leads Anri away. He promises to stop hitting on her and tells her how much Mikado likes her. Mikado shows up, and as the three walk out of school together, a man with bright red eyes stands outside the school entrance watching them.

As the three split up and head in different directions, Masaomi passes groups of Yellow Scarves members. He appears standing in the doorway of a girl sitting in a hospital bed, who seems happy that he's arrived.

Anri walks home with flashbacks of the Slasher attacking her bullies playing through her mind.

While Celty is on the computer in her apartment, Shinra appears and confesses his knowledge of Saika to her. His father had owned Saika several years before but has since sold it to an antiques dealer. Shinra explains that Saika has the power to cut souls, and Shingen used it to sever the connection between Celty's body and her head 20 years prior.

At the scene where the three bullies were attacked by the Slasher, Anri stares at the bloody pavement. Behind her, a figure with glowing red eyes approaches and raises a knife.

Chat Room

When Kanra shares the news that students from Raira Academy were attacked by the slasher, Setton quickly leaves. Through private messaging, Kanra tells TarouTanaka not to worry; his girlfriend was not the victim. TarouTanaka responds that his girlfriend witnessed the attack, and he leaves the chat room too. Kanra follows suit. Just after she logs off, Saika enters the chat room and posts a string of disconnected words, including 'cut,' 'love,' 'wish,' and 'stronger,' before repeating the word 'Mother.'


  • To Anri witnessing the Slasher attacking the three bullies who regularly harass her in episode 13
  • To Celty saving Shingen from Horada and two other members of the Yellow Scarves in episode 13


Character DebutsEdit

  1. Mikado Ryuugamine
  2. Celty Sturluson
  3. Izaya Orihara
  4. Anri Sonohara
  5. Masaomi Kida
  6. Shinra Kishitani
  7. Shingen Kishitani
  8. Shizuo Heiwajima
  9. Izaya Orihara
  10. Namie Yagiri
  11. Takashi Nasujima
  12. Saki Mikajima


Shinra (after walking in on his father in the shower): "I have seen the face of hell."