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Things are born and disappear in this city every day. But still, nothing ever happens. Nothing ever changes.

Anri Sonohara

"A Sudden Turn" is the thirteenth episode of the Durarara!! anime and the fourteenth episode overall.


Video footage of Celty Sturluson at the Dollars meeting six months prior is being played on public televisions, and a news commentator remarks that the Slasher incidents began around the same time. Meanwhile at Raira Academy, everyone is watching Seiji Yagiri and Mika Harima as they embrace and extol their love. Shortly after, Masaomi Kida steps in before Takashi Nasujima can corner Anri Sonohara.

S1 E13 motorcycle cops

Motorcycle cops corner Celty and deliver a warning

In town, a figure with bright red eyes watches Shizuo Heiwajima from afar. When he turns around, the figure is gone. Soon after, several traffic cops led by Kinnosuke Kuzuhara chase down Celty on motorbike; when they finally corner her, Kinnosuke warns her against "messing with" the police. Celty returns home in a fright, where Shinra Kishitani explains that Kinnosuke is a hardened motorcycle cop brought in to deal with her. Though Celty's encounter with the cops has left her shaken, Shinra asks her to go out once more to pick up his father.

S1 E13 Horada in shadows

Horada is trapped in Celty's shadows

When Celty finds Shingen Kishitani, he is being harassed by three men in yellow. Though reluctant to help him, the trio's ringleader Horada confronts her, and irritated into action, she frightens them away with her shadows.

In Shinjuku, Namie Yagiri begins her workday as Izaya Orihara's secretary. Izaya is in Ikebukuro and runs into Simon Brezhnev, who tells him in Russian that he will not be able to keep his secret for very long.

S1 E13 Anri bloody

Anri is sprayed with blood

Masaomi, Anri, and Mikado Ryuugamine part ways after school. On Masaomi's walk home, he takes note of all the people in yellow on the streets. A small group of Yellow Scarves confront him, but Masaomi tells them he is not coming back. Anri's three bullies follow her home and eventually push her down on the sidewalk. She blocks out their words but notices a shape forming behind the bullies, moving oddly and growing closer. Glowing red eyes appear, and Anri is sprayed in blood as she watches the bullies get cut by the slasher.

Chat Room[]

Kanra, Setton, and TarouTanaka talk about the increasing numbers of Yellow Scarves members in town. Kanra explains to TarouTanaka that they were a gang that was huge in Ikebukuro until they clashed with another gang and disappeared. She mentions that the city has been getting scary lately, and Setton warns them not to mess with the cops. Kanra shares rumors that link the slasher and the Headless Rider to the Dollars, upsetting Setton and TarouTanaka. In private messaging, Kanra advises TarouTanaka to watch out for the Yellow Scarves, as they dislike the Dollars due to how the Dollars grew in size and influence following the Yellow Scarves' disappearance.

S1 E13 Saika messages

Saika spams the word 'mother'

Saika appears in the chat room using disjointed language and repeating the word 'cut.' TarouTanaka and Setton are annoyed by Saika, who has been trolling the chat room for the past six months, and Kanra promises that she has tried to block Saika's remote host several times before, but she keeps coming back. As Saika spams the word 'mother,' Setton admits to feeling unsettled.

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Cultural References[]

  • Shizuo and Tom watch Walker and Erika run out of Animate, the largest chain store in Japan that sells manga, anime, games, magazines, and related items.
  • A poster featuring Maiza Avaro from Baccano! can be seen behind Simon while he is advertising.
  • A poster featuring Isaac and Miria from Baccano! is prominently displayed above the news broadcast about the Headless Rider and the Slasher at the CineSun.



  • Masaomi: "Those who laugh at the erotic, die by the erotic."
    English dubbed version: "Live by the booby, die by the booby."
  • Simon: "You stop by restaurant and eat good. See, today we just open brand new can. Fish very fresh!"


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