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All right. I think all my cards are in order now.

Mikado Ryuugamine

"Never Before Seen" is the tenth episode of the Durarara!! anime.


Drrr E10 Ryo

Masaomi and Mikado meet Ryo

Mikado Ryuugamine is harboring the girl with the scar on her neck. The next day, at Raira Academy, Masaomi Kida eases Mikado's worry by attracting everyone's attention to him and recounting the unbelievable story, and their classmates shrug it off as exaggeration. Masaomi brings Mikado to the roof to meet Ryo Takiguchi and ask if he is a member of the Dollars. Ryo freely admits to being a member and tells them about the gang and his reasons for joining.

Drrr E10 Youko

Youko accuses Mikado of being friends with Izaya

Youko, one of Anri Sonohara's bullies, is waiting outside after school. Her boyfriend, Takeshi, threatens Mikado, who realizes they are looking for Izaya Orihara. Celty Sturluson arrives and kicks Takeshi to the ground, and Izaya appears and threateningly tells Youko to leave. Mikado quickly says goodbye to Anri, and Celty and the info broker follow him. Mikado stops on his way home to confront them. He asks to see inside Celty's helmet, and after witnessing the shadows inside, tells her everything about the girl. Celty tells him everything about herself and requests to see her.

Drrr E10 Mikado

Mikado logs into the Dollars website

When they arrive at his apartment building, Mikado goes inside first, but the girl is gone. Two men waiting inside grab Mikado. Convinced he doesn't know where she went, they decide to kill him, but Izaya kicks down Mikado's door and they flee. He stops Celty from pursuing them, realizing they are employees of Yagiri Pharmaceuticals. Mentally, Mikado connects the girl with the scar on her neck to the Chat Room rumors involving the company and recent kidnappings and hurriedly turns his computer on, logging into the Dollars homepage and deciding all his cards are in order. Izaya watches him in excitement, gleefully saying he hit the jackpot.

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