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Everyone is fake. The world's filled with these people. They say they love and adore you, but all they really want to do is possess you. They want you to need them and be there for you, always taking, never giving anything in return. My love is different. It's greater, and more perfect.

Namie Yagiri

"Love and Cherish" is the ninth episode of the Durarara!! anime.


Namie Yagiri believes her love for Seiji is different than anyone else's. She berates her subordinate Yoshida for losing her brother and the girl and enlists Izaya Orihara's help in finding them.

Drrr E09 Namie and Seiji young

Namie shows Seiji the head

Namie remembers that as a child, she had found a beautiful head in a jar in her uncle's study. When she showed the head to Seiji, he became obsessed with it, and to keep him from it, Namie relocated it to Yagiri Pharmaceuticals for research purposes. One day, her security card was stolen and the head went missing, and a little while later, Seiji needed her help. Mika Harima, who had been stalking him, had seen the head in his apartment, and Seiji had killed her in response.

Drrr E09 Mika and Mikado

Mikado saves the girl from Celty

In the present day, the redheaded girl receives warning texts from someone called 'Nakura.' She tries to run with Seiji, and Shizuo Heiwajima and Celty Sturluson spot their lovers' quarrel. As the girl runs past them, Celty recognizes her head and pursues her. Mikado Ryuugamine helps the girl escape from Celty and hides her in his apartment.

Drrr E09 Seiji

Seiji stabs Shizuo with pens

Shizuo tries to calm and question Seiji and is stabbed with pens in response. Annoyed by his answers, he leaves Seiji unconscious on the side of the street. Namie picks her brother up from the police, and he insists on finding the girl. Namie orders her men to bring her in dead or alive.

Celty goes home frustrated and confused, wondering why her head is attached to another body and if the past twenty years have all been a waste of time.

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  • The company Nebula, mentioned by Izaya and Namie, that is trying to buy out Yagiri Pharmaceuticals, is the same company from Baccano! that built the famous train "The Flying Pussyfoot," upon which the Grand Punk Railroad arc takes place. Both Baccano! and Durarara!! take place in the Naritaverse, though in different settings and time periods.


Shizuo (to Celty): "I've always wanted to say this. Go on ahead, and leave this one to me."

Seiji: "All I need to know about her is that I love her, that's all!"

Celty: "I just don't want to accept that my head and my memories are gone for good."

Izaya: "This'll be fun, this'll be fun, this'll be fun! There's just so much going on in this town that even I don't know anything about! It's an endless sea of entertainment! This is why I love this bustling hotbed of humans! I love them! I love them all! I love them all so much! And that is why my lovely little humans should love and adore me too."


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