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Maybe we just think the stuff we lose is more important than the stuff we have.


"Ephemeral Dream" is the eighth episode of the Durarara!! anime. The events in this episode are anime exclusive.


Celty Sturluson has a nightmare about her missing head and thinks about the life she is able to live even without it. She and Shinra Kishitani eat at Russia Sushi, where Celty's fortune promises that she will find what she is looking for. A girl with a sign for lost things offers her notebook to Erika Karisawa, and she writes a message to Walker Yumasaki. A short while later, Walker comes to the park looking for Erika and finds her message.

Mikado Ryuugamine oversleeps and arrives late to Raira Academy, and he helps Anri Sonohara find her missing shoes. After school, he meets the girl carrying the sign for lost things and writes his own message in her notebook.

Kyouhei Kadota keeps an eye on Yagiri Pharmaceuticals, musing about rumors of its underground connections even though Kaztano is safe. A young man attacks the laboratory with firecrackers, and Yoshida brings Shinra in to make the boy forget the company, though Shinra threateningly promises that he will not forget the boy.

E08 Celty

Celty holds her head in her dream

In a hotel room with the redheaded girl, Seiji Yagiri is content with her amnesia, as he is only looking toward the future. He lovingly calls her 'Celty,' while the headless Celty, sleeping in her apartment, dreams of herself as whole again, her face resembling the face of the redheaded girl.

Chat Room[]

The three members of the chat room discuss how they always seem to lose important things.

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Cultural References[]

  • While Kyouhei keeps an eye on Yagiri Pharmaceuticals, he is reading the first light novel in the A Certain Magical Index series.
  • Walker and Erika meet at Toranoana, a chain store that sells doujin, manga, and other manga and anime-related items. There are two branches in Ikebukuro.
  • The light novel covers on the outside of Toranoana are the first volumes of Baccano!, Vamp!, Etsusa Bridge, and Harimiya-san: Center of the World, all other works by Ryohgo Narita.


  • Izaya's sisters Mairu and Kururi are the twins wearing coordinating outfits who walk by Simon and Walker in the park.


Yoshida: "He caused quite a scene. Kept spouting some gibberish about how his girlfriend was kidnapped and the only thing she remembers from that night was this place. Then he demanded we tell him what we did to her."
Shinra: "He wasn't spouting gibberish; he was telling the truth."

Shinra: "Memories are a tricky thing to get rid of. And plus, I'll remember this kid."


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