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It may not look like it at first, but everything that happens in this town is somehow related. It's all part of some larger, awful truth that's beyond our comprehension.

Masaomi Kida

"False Advertising" is the fifth episode of the Durarara!! anime.


Someone unknown stabs Celty Sturluson in the arm and attempts to cut off her head as she chases a man with a briefcase. At Raira Academy the next day, Takashi Nasujima stops Anri in the hall, feigning concern and telling her to be aware of the serial slasher that has been appearing lately. Masaomi Kida intervenes to get Anri away from him.

After school, Masaomi informs Anri and Mikado about a second-year student, Haruna Niekawa, who had been dating Takashi and transferred out of Raira. The boys inquire about Anri's bullies and Mika Harima's absence, and Anri explains how in middle school, she used Mika for protection while Mika used Anri to make herself look better. Mikado defends Anri's choice to become their high school class representative and the normalcy of wanting to be better than her friend.

E05 van gang and Masaomi

Masaomi meets the van gang inside Russia Sushi

When Mikado suggests using the Dollars to find Mika Harima and Seiji Yagiri, Masaomi vows to keep him away from the darkness in Ikebukuro. On his way home alone, Masaomi stops outside Raira General Hospital to look at an upper window, where a girl in a hospital bed looks out. He joins the van gang inside Russia Sushi and asks them for advice on keeping his friend from joining the Dollars. Mikado, on his walk home, follows Seiji Yagiri until he realizes that the girl he is with does not look like Mika Harima.

After leaving the restaurant, Masaomi is pulled into an alleyway by members of the Yellow Scarves, and Mikado runs to him. They escape the delinquents together, narrowly avoiding the slasher as it corners and cuts the boys in the alley.

E05 Saki and Izaya

Izaya visits the girl in the hospital

A tabloid writer interviews people on the street for information on the toughest guy in Ikebukuro. After receiving a variety of responses, he returns home and greets his daughter, Haruna.

Izaya Orihara visits the pale girl in the hospital, who is surprised and glad to see him. Her phone has a picture of her with Masaomi.

Chat Room[]

A new person arrives in the chat room and posts randomly before leaving quickly. Kanra bans the troll and asks the chatroom if they heard that members of the Yellow Scarves were cut by the slasher. TarouTanaka inquires as to what the Yellow Scarves and the slasher are, but Kanra proceeds to ask, almost rhetorically, if the slasher is with the Dollars.

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  • While most of the events in this episode are adapted from the second light novel, some events are anime exclusive and others are pulled from the first and third light novels. This episode begins to introduce the second story arc of the series.
  • The instrumental version of "Trust Me" is used as a background track underneath Masaomi's narration at the end of the episode, just before the ending theme begins.


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