Durarara!! 3way standoff -alley- is the director's cut version of the 2010 PSP game Durarara!! 3way standoff. An enhanced remake for PlayStation Vita titled Durarara!! 3way standoff -alley- V was released in 2014.

System and Gameplay ChangesEdit

While the gameplay remains unchanged from the original, 3way standoff -alley- features a "what if" scenario as well as downloadable content. The downloadable content includes cosplay for the characters; the outfits are available in Durarara!! 3way standoff -alley- V from the start of the game.

The storyline is based on the original version with some new additions:

  • Izaya is hatching a plan that involves the three rival gangs and a politician. On Izaya's orders, Yoshimune Miyoshi has to help out with the politician's campaign.
  • Shizuo seems to have fallen victim to his own actions. Yoshi has to help a wounded Shizuo flee from a group of mysterious men in suits.


The game's theme is "DROP" by ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D. Both the full and game-sized versions of the song debuted on the album DRRROOKiEZ!! -ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D respect for DRRR!!-, released the day before the game.


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