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DuraraLovers in Nakano was a one-day event hosted by nine voice actors of the Durarara!! anime on October 24, 2010. The event was held in Nakano, Tokyo, a ward of Tokyo lying to southwest of Ikebukuro, and was released later on DVD. A variety of merchandise was available on-site, and the DVD included the recorded results of on-site audience surveys.


Voice Actor Character
Toshiyuki Toyonaga Mikado Ryuugamine
Mamoru Miyano Masaomi Kida
Kana Hanazawa Anri Sonohara
Miyuki Sawashiro Celty Sturluson
Daisuke Ono Shizuo Heiwajima
Hiroshi Kamiya Izaya Orihara

Special Guests[]

Voice Actor Character
Yuichi Nakamura Kyouhei Kadota
Yuki Kaji Walker Yumasaki
Ayahi Takagaki Erika Karisawa


The event opened with a chat room conversation between TarouTanaka, Setton, and Kanra, after which the six hosts introduced themselves. Toyonaga presided as MC.

Way of Life: Special Chapter[]


In the first event, results of a survey asked of the voice actors prior to the event were shown on a screen. For the first question, "The job in DRRR!! that I would like to try the most," Toyonaga and Ono admitted to wanting to try Walker Yumasaki's job, ice sculpting. Ono, favoring tradesman jobs, also voted for tiling walls and making jewelry, Kyouhei Kadota and Erika Karisawa's jobs, respectively. Hanazawa was the sole vote for "illegal money lender," Sawashiro wanted to be an underground doctor, and Kamiya voted for landlord, wanting to make a living without working.

In the second question, a search for the strongest person in Durarara!!, Kana Hanazawa, Anri Sonohara, and Director Takahiro Omori each took one vote, and Takaya Kuroda, voice of Simon Brezhnev, won with three votes. Ono admitted to being slightly scared of Kuroda, Sawashiro was impressed by Hanazawa's hard work and her coolness in fending off the boys, and Kamiya confessed that he would do anything Anri asked of him.

Finally, the actors selected the scenes they felt were worthy of recommendation. Miyano chose the ending scene of episode 12, Sawashiro's narration during a moment between the Raira Trio; Sawashiro chose the trio's last meeting in episode 23, and Hanazawa chose Anri and Mikado's last scene in episode 24. Ono chose Celty and Shinra's final scene in episode 24 for the changes in Celty and his admiration of their relationship, Kamiya chose the moment Izaya Orihara gets what he deserves as he is punched into the Shinjuku Love Object, and Toyonaga chose the entire series.


The second event, also hosted by Toyonaga, showed results to further questions. After being asked "Which character would you like to be stuck on a deserted island with?", Simon, Celty, and Kyouhei received a vote each, and Anri received two votes. Sawashiro chose Masaomi Kida because he can keep a girl from feeling lonely.

When asked their favorite line in the series, two lines were Masaomi's, one was Shizuo yelling Izaya's name, and one was Horada's laugh, which was revealed to have been done incorrectly but approved by the director. Ono voted for a romantic line of Shinra's, and Kamiya's chose an iconic line of Izaya's.

The third prompt was "The line that can only be said here and now." Due to frequently running out of breath between lines, Ono's favorite was being told by Director Omori to take a break. Sawashiro's favorite was Director Omori admitting he had not thought the series would sell well. Due to the depth and fast pace of the series, it took Sawashiro until episode 23 to find the anime deeply interesting. The next was Miyano frequently apologizing to Director Omori, as when the voice actors were asked to play random background characters, they often would mumble crude things. Hanazawa's favorite line was her own: when members of the Yellow Scarves are searching for Anri and background characters are fixated on and describing her chest, Hanazawa wonders if breasts are really that great.

Original Drama: Patrol of the Holy Land[]

The special guests for the event were introduced on stage. Nakamura, Kaji, and Takagaki, voice Kyouhei, Walker, and Erika, respectively.

Part 1[]

In an on-stage drama, Masaomi, Mikado, and Anri have a part-time tour guide job and are required to show the places in Ikebukuro worth visiting. They first bring up Ikefukurou, where Anri was seen in yukata in episode 12.5. Izaya attaches himself to the trio but they manage to slip away from him during his monologue and head toward Sunshine 60 Street. Izaya runs into Shizuo and Celty, and Shizuo tells him to stay out of Ikebukuro and die while Celty tries to calm Shizuo down. Shizuo heads to a cafe while Celty goes to wait for him at Russia Sushi.

Part 2[]

The Van Gang leaves Russia Sushi satisfied, and with Saburo Togusa at a Ruri Hijiribe event, Kyouhei is victim to Walker and Erika's whims and is dragged to Otome Road. With all of the attractions of Sunshine City to choose from, Mikado wants to go to "Tokyo Hand" (a parody of Tokyu Hands). Shizuo and Celty are outisde a cafe, and Shizuo is surprised to discover a butler cafe (a play on Ono's role as Sebastian Michaelis in the anime Black Butler), but Celty was recommended the place by Erika and wants to go in. Izaya has been keeping tabs on the whereabouts of all the others, and when spotted by Shizuo, make a run for it with Shizuo in pursuit. Celty enters the cafe alone, where a butler (played by Ono), attends her. She is flattered but shy and leaves. After evading Shizuo, Izaya receives a call from Haruya Shiki and sends him a list of Ikebukuro's top attractions for Akane Awakusu's use. Shizuo corners Izaya, and when he dodges Izaya's thrown blade, the Raira Trio spot it flying overhead. Shizuo throws an arcade crane game next, and the van gang see it flying through the air. The six onlookers notice various other objects flying through air, including a road signs, an old lady, and Shooter. Celty attempts to break up the fighting, but she and the six onlookers flee to the Sunshine 60 Observation Deck instead. From there, they can see the Nakano Sun Plaza, where an event is being held today, and they ask the audience if they are enjoying themselves.

Raira Academy Pop Quiz[]


Kaji and Takagaki hosted the pop quiz. Mikado and Masaomi were on Team Childhood Friends, Shizuo and Izaya were on the Fighting Team, and Anri, Celty, and Kyouhei were on the "One on Each Side/A Flower in Either Hand" team, as Kyouhei sat between the ladies. Clips from the anime were shown on the screen, and the teams had to determine the line that is said when the clip stops. Points were awarded for correctness, wit, and style, based on the opinions of Takagaki and Kaji. Despite only Sawashiro getting any correct answers, Team Childhood Friends won the first round.


After a short break, the voice actors returned to resume the pop quiz. The winner was Akio Otsuka, voice actor of Shingen Kishitani, for his shower scene improvisation, despite the voice actor not being present at the event. After losing the game and using up a large number of the game boards, Team Childhood Friends was forced to undergo a punishment game. Their task was to act improvise a scene as Simon and Denis, but both Miyano and Toyonaga acted as Simon, causing the rest of the actors to follow suit.


At the end, each member of the cast had a chance to say their closing remarks, thanking the audience for their support and revealing that author Ryohgo Narita was backstage, thanking him for creating the series and characters.