Drakon (Russian: Дракон) is a Russian arms dealer and Vorona's father. He and his comrade Lingerin Douglanikov are joint leaders of a Russian organization dealing in weapons.

Background Edit

Drakon started off his career working as a hitman for a mercenary band under the code name 'Yashcheritsa.' The leader of the group at the time ordered Drakon to act as his body guard, fearing the infamous assassin 'Vorona' was after them. Whilst Drakon conversed with his then-employer, they were attacked by the very assassin, using Drakon's retaliation to her advantage to shoot down his employer and comrades. After the assassin took out his comrades, Drakon saw no reason he should continue fighting - his mission already a failure - and let the assassin 'Vorona' go. Before 'Vorona' vanished into the night, he asked her: "How could I see you again?" To which the young woman advised him to break away from his confinements and achieve greater heights.

At some unidentified point, Drakon does accomplish this task, as the pair eventually become married and have a daughter together, who would later uptake the same code name as her mother. According to Drakon, his wife has long since passed, though the circumstances of her death remain unknown.


Toramaru ArcEdit

Drakon orders Egor to track down Vorona and Slon to recapture them and the weapons they have stolen. Later, Drakon, Lingerin, and their henchmen attack the headquarters of an organization in Russia who took some of their weapons, and they discuss Vorona afterward.

Several days later, it is revealed that he has agreed to sell weapons at a significant discount to the Awakusu-kai under the condition they not harm his daughter.


  • Дракон is the Russian word for "dragon."
    • His initial code name 'Yashcheritsa' (ящерица) is the Russian word for "Lizard." His transition from a 'lizard' to a 'dragon' coincides with his narrative journey into meeting his wife, as she had advised him that he would "never reach her as long as he slithered on the ground" and had to "sprout wings" in order to catch her.
  • His real name is never stated, and 'Drakon' is revealed early on to be an alias.
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