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Dragon Zombie is a large biker gang centered in Ikebukuro. Li-pei Ei leads the group, but he returned to Taiwan prior to the events of the series due to health complications. This brought the gang to the brink of disbandment until his return several years later. They have a fierce rivalry with Jan-Jaka-Jan.

The gang has no standard uniform but they usually have personalized skeletal dragon designs on their clothing.


Dragon Zombie is mostly known for holding various illegal road races around Ikebukuro. They were much more prominent before the rise of color gangs, but with biker gangs on the decline and their leader out of the country, they stayed largely out of the public eye for several years. During that time, the group survived acting as mercenaries, most notably working under Izaya when he had need of some extra muscle.

The group formerly only accepted members who were at least second-generation Taiwanese, but eventually started to allow Japanese members as well.


Adabashi Arc[]

Still partially shaken by Yodogiri's attack, Izaya hires Dragon Zombie as his personal group of bodyguards/henchmen. While they don't accompany him everywhere he goes, he does bring them when he needs to meet with a client face-to-face.

Dragon Zombie Arc[]

When Izaya goes to meet Celty about hiring her, he takes several Dragon Zombie members with him as protection. Later, when Izaya is kidnapped as part of his plan to bring Heaven's Slave and Amphisbaena under his control, several Dragon Zombie members accompany Mikage, Izumii, and Haruna to their hideout. They provide some back up to Mikage as she takes out the Heaven's Slave group, but Mikage ends up doing most of the work.

Saving Izaya/Haruna Returns Arc[]

A handful of Dragon Zombie members assist Mikage and Kine with rescuing Izaya from a Saika-controlled Slon, but most of them are incapacitated by the more experienced mercenary. However, their efforts provide a suitable opening for Mikage to take the upper hand.

Durarara!! SH[]

Dragon Zombie accompanies Li-pei to the kidnappers' villa outside of town. With their rival gang, Jyan Jyaka Jyan, present, tension is thick between both gangs, and the lower ranking members on both sides start antagonizing each other. Eventually, some of the kidnappers start throwing Molotovs in their midst, and a large fight breaks out between them in the confusion, drawing in the nearby Awakusu-kai members as well. Yahiro elects to subdue the raging gangs himself, and single-handedly incapacitates them.

Notable Members and Allies[]


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