Douma Kiyojima (喜代島堂馬, Kiyojima Douma) is the eldest son of congressman Munenori Kiyojima. Presently, he works as a garbage collector at a cleaning company his father owns.



Short-tempered, entitled, and with a callous and disrespectful way of speaking, Douma disrespects even Izaya during their first conversation. Referring to him as a 'hick' and even passively threatening to strangle him as he did to all the former informants he has met, Douma's personality is described by Izaya as more brawn than brain.


Douma is described as wearing a gaudy jacket but having honest features. However, despite his honest features, it is also said that he emits an air different from most respectable people.


In the past, Douma was a member of Oukarengo, though it is unclear why he left. In an attempt to collar him, his father created a cleaning company and gave him a job there as a trash collector. Apparently, the sum of Douma's wages is higher than any other trash collector in the country, and he frets over the media storm which would ensue should anybody find out. His dad, Munenori, also mentions that his son only shows up for work once a week and could be considered something of a 'salary thief.'

Munenori muses that if he cut his son off, Douma would likely turn to black-market drug selling, though by simply handing over money, his son would run some underground business with Oukarengo. In the past, there were many times Douma became involved in extortion cases, and his father always had to smooth things over with the police for him.

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