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DRRROOKiEZ!! -ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D respect for DRRR!!- is an album released by Japanese band ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D on August 24, 2011. The album was the initial release of "DROP," theme of the PlayStation Portable game Durarara!! 3way standoff -alley-, and included a re-release of the Durarara!! anime's second opening, "Complication." For a limited time, the album included a Durarara!! trading card.

Track List[]

Disc 1 (CD)[]

  1. -overture-
  2. DROP
  3. Complication
  4. Evil Messenger
  5. Fight for Your Right
  6. Bring Back
  7. Stand Up
  8. -interlude by Masaomi Kida (CV: Mamoru Miyano)-
  9. DROP -game opening version-
  10. Complication ft. Masaomi Kida (CV: Mamoru Miyano) -acoustic lyrics reading-
  11. DROP + Masaomi Kida (CV: Mamoru Miyano)

Disc 2 (DVD)[]

  1. DROP (music video)
  2. Complication -DRRR!! edition- (music video)
  3. Stand Up -DRRR!! edition- (music video)
  4. Durarara!! 3way standoff -alley- opening movie