• Nomimushi

    Discussion: Shizuo's Age.

    November 9, 2017 by Nomimushi

    Hello. Well, I've been helping with editing and revising this page for a while now, but I've actually never started a discussion and I don't know how to do it exactly. Am I doing it right? Anyways, I might as well start here untill I figure out how to start one. 

    So, I think I've find some plot holes in the ages of some characters, but mainly Shizuo. Here in the wiki we are lead to believe that Shizuo is older than Izaya for a few months, however in the translation of the 'Durarara!! Gaiden!?: A Sudden Coming of Age Ceremony' it is stated that Shizuo is actually about a year younger that Izaya. Izaya was 20 and Shizuo was 19 in their coming of age. Therefore we are probaly adding a year in Shizuo's age here in the wiki. 

    "A few years ago   J…

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  • TheInfoBrokerandTheMadMan


    October 30, 2017 by TheInfoBrokerandTheMadMan

    InfoBroker: Hello.

    MadMan: This is our fist post SO EXCITED!

    InfoBroker: We love the series and the characters.

    MadMan: And you can guess my favorite.

    InfoBroker: We love to meet with you all...on here of course.

    MadMan: Have a lovely evening.

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  • Nika09y


    October 3, 2017 by Nika09y

    hi guys. do you know where i can contact durarara authors. i got this website [Link Removed ~ChromeCircus] and i want to use dollars logo as an website/organization logo. since the concept of the website is that the website got cracked courses and products, that conceptly izaya broke and i wanted to contact the novel's owners to get their permission. if this is possible.

    also since im 16 i cant pay. i have no money...

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  • Louisent31

    Urban Legend Heroes Wikia

    September 1, 2016 by Louisent31

    I created a new wikia called the Urban Legend Heroes wikia, which is the story in Wattpad. If you read the story, you'll learn a lot of information about it and can you edit the infoboxes? I had a hard time putting it

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  • Louisent31

    Hi there

    August 23, 2016 by Louisent31

    Hello! I'm new here. I hope you guys will understand me. My Wattpad account is animeburn and my Instagram account is fairyarc

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  • Misaki Yata

    Well I've been thinking, if we Dollars were to change the world as it is how many of us would change the world for the better good? 

    Well the dollars are global we are everywhere and I'm graeateful for being a member it's just that my curiosity is a bit too much 

    so here's my question: How many members have been able to change the world for the better good?

    Misaki Yata (talk) 19:57, May 12, 2016 (UTC)Misaki Yata

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  • Jessica345

    new anime show

    January 16, 2016 by Jessica345

    to me i think this new are you guys know this in the show DURARARA  sorry iam late in show NOW

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  • Readmanganet


    March 11, 2015 by Readmanganet

    MyManga - Read Manga Chapter Online for Free

    MyManga has the most popular and the latest manga/manhwa scanlations that you can read for free. We also have a community were you can meet new friends. Enjoy reading Naruto Manga, Bleach Manga, One Piece Manga and Fairy Tail Manga.

    Most up-to-date, Top speed site, all for free.

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  • Sol420

    The title says it all. I'm going to post a list of the problems I believe the wiki has.

    1.Info Updates. Since this is the most common reason people tend to visit wikis, I think this should be one of the top priorities. The durarara story has officially entered it's second series of novels so it' well past due that we update the story info on all related pages. I'm focusing on character info at the moment, although progress will be slow.

    2. Consistency. Alot of pages have inconsistent layouts, and sections and it's time we set a uniform guideline for all the character pages, episode pages, etc.

    3. Episode page layouts. This is a more specific version on consistency. Honestly, I've always felt that the episode layouts, at least with regards to …

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  • DRRR!!1FAN


    April 18, 2014 by DRRR!!1FAN


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  • Robin Phantomhive45

    Ok well I haven't watched this show yet because I wanted to know why it's rated R. I'm 12 and I've seen stuff like Black Butler 2 and Ouran High School Host Club basically stuff with Yaoi, Yuri and blood. I just want to make sure it's not REALLY inappropriate before I watch it. ^-^

    (Sorry if I posted this where it doesn't belong I don't really know how to use this :P)

    ~Thank You!

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  • OmniSapien

    In regards to my last blog post, "Toromaru or Toramaru", I have found evidence to suggest that the gang's name really IS Toramaru (tiger circle/perfection) as opposed to Toromaru, as the wiki usually refers to the biker gang led by Rokujo Chikage. Again I am using anni_fiesta's translations (found here: Found in vol. 5 "Interlude or Prologue C: Kuronuma Aoba":

    On the walls illuminated by the flame there was a painted logo with a gorgeous woman riding on the back of a tiger and the word "TORAMARU"

    Taking into account that the logo of "Toromaru" seems to have a tiger as one of their focal points and that the "Tora" in Toramaru (drawing on my knowledge of what little Japanese I admittedly know in …

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  • OmniSapien

    Reading though anni_fiesta's LN translations (found here: I noticed that the biker gang commonly referred to as "Toromaru" (tuna meat/speak out circle/perfection?) on the wiki is called "Toramaru" (tiger circle/perfection?)  in her translations. I really can't read Japanese and to dig up the raw and run it through a translator may be inaccurate and frankly requires too much work. I know that anni_fiesta sometimes translates from Japanese to Chinese translations (though consistently refers to the gang as Toramaru), I don't know if that may have anything to do with the inconguity but here you go. Maybe it's a phonetic thing like how "Senpai" is technically spelled "Senpai" in romanji but pronoun…

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  • DullahanGirl16

    well first i like to say hello i am new to all of this but i am glad to be apart of it.

    Fave Durarara!! Characters: Shizuo Heiwajima, Masaomi Kida, and Celty.(of course)

    (nice pics that include Shizuo and Celty)

    i have one cat (who is a girl) named Lena.(i've owned her since she was a kitten, she is 11 years old now)

    i really really really dislike Izaya. (about as much as Shizuo Hates him)

    i happen to have the same hair color as Shizuo. (after he dyes it)

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  • Jon825lazery7

    Shizuo's Abilities

    March 19, 2013 by Jon825lazery7

    Some believe Shizuo Heiwajima's only ability is super strength, but there was another website that displayed Shizuo with more abilities. If your impressed or not, I understand, just tell me how you feel about his descriptions.

    Enhanced Strength:Shizuo's most common ability is his super strength, he displays this by sending a man flying by punching his face causing his cloths to fall off, also able to rip a street sign and able to bend it in half with his bare hands.

    Improbable Weapon Proficiency:Shizuo can use street objects as his weapons, mostly street signs and light poles to bash people.

    Pain Suppression:It's unknown if this is associated with his enhanced strength, Shizuo is shown resist his own pain by taking bullet shots by the members…

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  • Richie Cordelia

    Since everyone here seems to advertise for their Dollars sites, I thought I'd tell you guys about the Dollars Forum on my Wiki.


    It's not taken care of, on purpose. That way, someone can take charge of it from inside. It's pretty free-form. Oh yeah, and there are member of The Saika Army on the rest of the Wiki, so watch out.

    ᴇᴀᴄʜ ʙᴇᴀᴛ ᴡɪᴛʜɪn ʏᴏᴜʀ ʜᴇᴀʀᴛ 16:22, June 20, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Richie Cordelia


    May 30, 2012 by Richie Cordelia


    Hello, kitties and N'cha!! ヽ(^。^)ノ

    Richie is soo happy to be here!

    • ahem*

    I'm Richie Piccolo Cordelia, and I'm a Anime fan girl. I like DRRR! (of course), Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, InuyYasha, FullMetal Alchemist:Brotherhood, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and... I think that's it.

    Um, I also enjoy Western Animation, such as Adventure Time, Regular Show, and Problem Solvers.

    I like Roleplaying, and I've even started my own Roleplaying Wikia that includes nearly every Fandom I can think of. In a few weeks, I'm going to introduce Saika ,Celty, and The Dollars into it! Wish me luck! ^ ~ ^

    ... Although, I am going to need people to come and help me out. I need someone to Roleplay as Celty, preferably with Celty in their Username. Also, some random background peop…

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  • BlackButlerfoeva123

    Omgizzles, I wuv DRRR!!! But what does Durarara!! actually mean? And is there a reason why the first 5 chapters are all "Wa!!"? [[File:Th_masaomi-shizaya.jpg|thumb|100px|Yes I do.

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  • Kagami111


    April 21, 2012 by Kagami111

    it rules!

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  • The dark lord of fire

    i think ing about makeing a dollers wiki where you can be a real doller anyone want to join?

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  • Izaya-Kun


    March 19, 2012 by Izaya-Kun

    ok so i have two ideas for a fanfic one is shizaya but then one is a kizaya. i have the plot and out line done for my shizaya but im stumped on the kizaya one. i was just woundering if any one could help me come up with any ideas. please help!

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  • Izaya-Kun


    March 13, 2012 by Izaya-Kun

    i was woundering who was a shikizaya fan and where i could find some good ones. if i do say so my self there is not of shikzayout there

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  • The dark lord of fire

    the manga

    March 13, 2012 by The dark lord of fire

    where did you see durarara i read it frist how bout yew?

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  • Llilmisscandycane

    Dollars BBS

    August 18, 2011 by Llilmisscandycane

    Check this out Durarara!! fans if you didn't know about it yet Dollars BBS

    The password is 'baccano'

    Chat with other fans and more

    Kay bai! Have fun ~Llilmisscandycane

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  • Bereisgreat

    So, are you a Dollars member, a Yellow Scarves thug or a Blue Squares maniac? And why?

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  • Slahser'sleader

    slasher slasher

    August 13, 2011 by Slahser'sleader

    slasher slasher slasher is in control living inside never to show

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  • Fallensilence

    So... Hi?

    July 2, 2010 by Fallensilence

    Durarara is awesome? Fallensilence 09:22, July 2, 2010 (UTC)

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